Thursday, 5 July 2012

Weird config error in Sitecore

I had a strange error today while testing out my Sitecore build:

Could not find configuration node: settings/setting[@name='LayoutFolder']/@value

As I didn't find anything on Google about this, I had to investigate. Recently we have been following Sitecore best practice of splitting out changes to the Sitecore config to include files. One of these files had been modified locally and also by another dev. Normally SVN would take care of this merge successfully, but in this case the merge had stripped out a comment block but left the closing --> comment tag in, breaking the Xml!

So if you see this error, first place to check is your include files and make sure the Xml is not broken in there.

Next post will be on how we have implemented a Service Stack API utilising Glass ( on our current project!

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  1. Hi Richard, I know this post is old but you just saved me. I had a non-printing character in my custom include file from a copy and paste operation which caused this exact issue. Thanks for the quick fix!

    - will